Souhoola is a non-bank consumer finance company established in 2019, owned by CI Capital Holding which is a diversified financial services group, and Egypt’s leading provider of financing and banking products and services. Souhoola aims to serve the Egyptian society by providing seamless, technology-driven financial solutions. These solutions work towards further financial inclusion and improving the lives of many Egyptians. The need for consumer finance and innovative financial solutions has been rising in Egypt, due to the growing financial strains that many Egyptian citizens are facing. Our aim at Souhoola is to combine our financial and business expertise to provide solutions that can relieve some of these strains, and allows our customers to live freely and happily.


We aspire to
  • Be able to consistently provide our customers with a seamless user experience that surpasses their expectations.
  • Be the preferred payment method for merchants across all categories in Egypt.
  • Be recognized as a top employer in the field and the region.

Our mission is to offer financial solutions to all consumer segments in the Egyptian market, with special emphasis on underbanked and non-banked segments. Through our offerings, we are creating a society with fuller financial inclusion and a higher standard of living. Our vision is to set new standards as an innovative and responsible company that is both accessible and affordable to all consumer segments.


Our business model aims to best serve our various customer segments, based on their needs and circumstances. At Souhoola, we offer simple financial solutions for our customers using cutting-edge technology and carefully curated product packages. Our robust platform is able to automatically analyse and place different customers into their respective product packages.

Our framework is based on:
  • Our powerful automated system that is able to analyse and process customer information instantly.
  • An extensive amount of data that allows us to consistently improve our algorithms and processes.
  • Strong relationships with our retail partners that enable us to serve the needs of a large and diverse customer portfolio.
  • Our vast financial expertise that allows us to create innovative solutions that address our customers’ needs.